Anmeldung und Informationsberatung

Bitte wählen Sie das Land Ihres Wohnsitzes aus, um sich anzumelden/请选择居住所在国报名/Please select the country of residence to register
/Auf diese Weise werden Sie von Mitarbeitern des Organisationskomitees des Gastlandes betreut/组委会所在国的工作人员将会为您服务/In this way, there will be staff from the organizing committee in the host country serving you

1.Performance group(solo concert) 表演组
Regardless of the age group, the Achievement Group selects 5 to 6 of the best programs to participate in the Gala Concert, and all participants receive certificates of honor.
2.Wiener Mozart Internationaler Klavierwettbewerb Gruppeneinteilung 比赛组
Vienna Mozart International Piano Competition  Group division
Specialist group:
  Children A: 9-10 years
  Children B: 11-12 years old
  Youth A: 13-14 years
  Youth B: 15-17 years
  Young adults - university group without concert subject: from 18 years 
Amateur group:
  Infants: 4-6 years
  Children A: 7-9 years old
  Children B: 10-12 years old
  Youth A: 13-14 years
  Youth B: 15-17 years
  Young adults: 18 years and older

注:请各国选手根据自己现阶段居住地区选择报名链接,并上传居住证明复印件核实后才为有效报名。/Note: Please select the registration link according to your current living area, and upload a copy of the residence certificate for verification before the registration is valid.

festival opening/音乐节开幕 2023/8/9